New Thought Day

On August 23rd, 1915 James A. Edgerton announced New Thought Day This heralded a New Era in New Thought. Edgerton, like many others of his day understood that New Thought is not simply another Christian heresy. James shared this common understanding with early New Thought Leaders that New Thought is the expression of the Divine Will as the highest Spiritual Path, the Universal Spiritual Path and Transformative Philosophy for Humanity Today.

There are many approaches to New Thought. Some are Vedic, others are Buddhist. Perhaps the oldest New Thought path is the Navajo Beauty Way. There is also a strong argument to be made that traditional Celtic Spirituality is a contender as the original New Thought.

Over a hundred years later, New Thought Day is still recognized in a variety of ways, and for many is now celebrated annually on the first Sunday in March.


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