Who and What is a Practitioner?

You will find that a Practitioner is a friend, a person of high spiritual integrity and trained in the Principles of Mind and the Laws of Life. Your Practitioner is dedicated to helping others live more fully and respects your confidence through a high code of ethics. The climate of your relationship with a Practitioner is loving, sharing and professional. Not only does your Practitioner provide you with initial help, but he or she also works with you in a preventative way to eliminate recurrences of negative situations. I encourage you to find a Practitioner that feels right for you and experience a new life.

There is nothing mysterious about the Practitioner's work. Just like the mathematician, your Practitioner has learned Principles and how to apply them for a specific purpose. Both know that after correct application the right answer will be revealed. We must remember that the Power is in the PRINCIPLE. Experiencing the Power and Presence of Principle comes only when our relationship is in complete harmony and alignment with it. "For That Is The Way It Works" from within to the without.

The basic guiding Principles of the Practitioner are:

  • God is whole, complete and perfect, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, and is the ONE MIND which is our mind now.
  • What is believed in Mind reflects into form and action in accordance with the Principle of Mind.
  • Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.

The Practitioner, knowing that changing the belief changes experiences, uses a process called "Spiritual Mind Treatment" in order to remove the erring belief and accept the Truth. Dr. Jack Addington states: "Treatment is scientific prayer. It is an individual thought process whereby man's thinking is directed away from the need or problem and put in direct alignment with the Divine Mind, thereby enabling him to receive his highest good."

How does the healing get from the Practitioner to the one requesting the healing? When one person requests help from another, they are mutually connected in consciousness. The practitioner knows there is only one Mind and that knowing the Truth about the requester is equally true everywhere in the one Mind. Thus the Practitioner proceeds to establish a consciousness of perfection about the requester, realizing that this Truth in the one Mind must be expressed in the life of the requester because they are one in consciousness. The Practitioner knows that Perfection already exists in the One Mind of God so the only change that is to be made is to release the erring belief and to accept the Truth which already exists.

We can liken the One Mind to a room with two people in it. At night the requester might desire to be freed from the darkness. The Practitioner realizes that by turning the "light" on for him or herself, the Practitioner can free the requester from the darkness. Knowing in Mind about the laws of "light" and "electricity," the Practitioner can proceed to Mentally align his or herself with these laws and know that when they light a candle or turn on the light switch they will experience the "light" and the requester's desire is fulfilled at the same time.The Practitioner did not create the light but used the knowledge of light and the way light works.

From this we can understand the importance of our relationship with Truth. A relationship with a practitioner is a loving experience and an opportunity to which you can look forward with great expectancy. Go ahead and initiate a new and supportive relationship today.

Thierry Rogers
Cyber Prayer Ministry
January 12, 2001