antn frank zumullen










Dr. Frank zumMallen


Awakening Ways Spiritual Community

Atascadero, CA




Rev. Ali Benjamin

Vice President

The Satya Center for Spiritual Living

Ogden, UT

antn marthacreek

Rev. Dr. Martha Creek


Louisville, KY

carol lawson 101117a

Rev. Dr. Carol Lawson


Center for Conscious Living

Moorestown, NJ

melissa h 101117

Rev. Dr. Melissa Higginbotham


Emerson New Thought Center, "Church Without Walls"

Dr. Angelo Pizelo
Emerson Representative
Emerson Theological Institute
Oakhurst, CA

Dr. Stella Pizelo
Emerson Representative &
Membership Co-chair

(non-voting member)
Emerson Theological Institute
Oakhurst, CA



ANTN Board Members are individuals who are committed to the organization, management, and success of ANTN.  The Board is a "working Board," spending 6 - 15 hours each month tending to our beloved community, with a term length of 3 years.  In the next several months, the Board will work to restructure our growing organization to better serve our community and make a powerful positive impact in the world.

Criteria for serving on the Board:

Member in good standing (all annual dues paid)
Regular recognizable tithing practice to ANTN
Licensed/Credentialed Minister of New Thought
Active in ANTN - volunteer/serves, attends Annual Conference