ANTN: Affiliated New Thought Network

The Affiliated New Thought Network has empowered Spirit-led, vision-driven, independent ministries and metaphysical churches of all sizes since 1992. ANTN represents diverse spiritual communities and unique ministries serving worldwide. ANTN believes Divine Consciousness is the sole authority.

ANTN was founded by independent Religious Science ministers who envisioned a spiritual community that would provide heart-centered connection, support and networking for independent Religious Science ministries. They also envisioned a community in which Consciousness was the sole authority. Based on those visions, ANTN was formed in 1992.

Since its inception, ANTN has evolved to include not only independent Religious Science ministries, but all New Thought ministries who desire to be a part of such a spiritual community.

The Mission of ANTN

To foster the growth of unique New Thought communities that encourage the consciousness of service, spiritual growth and integrity.

The Vision of ANTN

To create global transformation and healing through empowering New Thought ministries that encourage creativity, caring community, education, and spiritual support.

ANTN's Core Values

Caring Community:
A Desire to see God in each other and a willingness to build a community in which this can happen.

The state of being awake in the Cosmic Mind.

Honors Truth and acts from Principle.

A loving exchange of benefits between the organization and its members.

Spiritual Growth:
Conscious expansion of the awareness of Spirit and the unlimited possibilities of its expression.

Freedom of Expression:
Honors Divine Creativity.


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