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Welcome to ANTN!

The Affiliated New Thought Network was created to assist independent New Thought ministries. ANTN is dedicated to provide support and networking opportunities to new churches, established churches as well as as for individuals on their ministerial path. Learn more about ANTN.

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 ANTN Speaker Series

(phone-in seminars)

Join in our extraordinary leadership speaker series.  We are very blessed with this diverse, supportive, informative, and educational opportunity! The phone calls are open to anyone exploring their spiritual path. This Speaker Series is a gift from ANTN to the New Thought Community and beyond. Everyone is welcome to phone in and connect!

Each call is one hour at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on the last Wednesday of each month.

Click here to download the pdf of the full speaker list, dates and call in number to participate. Enter all the dates in your calendar now and invite colleagues, ministry teams, boards, leaders, congregants and anyone on the path of self-realization.


October 2016:
People as Resources with Diane Czerwonka

Key Points:

    People are not Resources. People are resourceful, but we are not finite assets.
    People are who turn resources into more resources.
    People are not materials, are not disposable like paper clips, are not all the same, or a number on a balance sheet.
    Treating employees as assets instead of as people dehumanizes them and diminishes their motivation to contribute their unique strengths to the organization success.
    Five ways to demonstrate commitment to employees' success.

Download People as Resources notes generously provided by Diane

November 2016:
Mission/Vision/Core Values with Rev. Toni Boehm

Key Points:
Is your ministry ready to know, learn, demonstrate, and/or understand the importance of the following?

    What purpose does VMCV serve in the overall management of the ministry?
    How does VMCV clarify your ministries directions?
    What benefits does having a clear VMCV process in place, bring to the spiritual community?

Download a 1-page handout about why VMCV is important

(check back later this week for audio file recording of Rev. Toni's talk!)

 25th Annual ANTN Conference

October 2 - 6, 2017

Plan now to attend!

UV Fountain

Plan now to attend the 2017 ANTN Conference taking place amidst the sacred beauty of Unity Village!

This year we're excited to return to a land-based conference at this historic location in Lee Summit, Missouri.

Conference specifics coming soon...

The Unity Village campus includes 1,400 acres of beautiful countryside along with formal gardens, magnificent fountains, walking trails, a "green" hotel and conference center, a nine-hole golf course, the best and most extensive library in the region for books and other resources on spiritual education and personal growth, a bookstore and coffee shop, and a variety of peaceful indoor and outdoor chapels for prayer and meditation.

For more information and to register online, click on the conference links on the top menu. Also, be sure to check out the 2016 Conference Slideshow to reconnect with this year's memories (or see what you missed!).

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